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Assemble or disassemble your furniture during your move

You are located in Adelaide, your moving day is approaching and you realize that you threw away all the boxes and tools to assemble and disassemble your furniture?

You are located in Adelaide, your moving day is approaching and you realize that you threw away all the boxes and tools to assemble and disassemble your furniture? 

Don’t worry, here we tell you what to do.

  1️⃣ First you should know that it is normal to lose the tools to assemble or disassemble furniture, for that reason the easiest thing is to go to a store where we can buy a basic tool kit, that is, one that has screwdrivers. Now, if you have to disassemble a lot of furniture or furniture that is complex to assemble, we recommend that you include drills in your toolbox, this way your move will be faster. If you are located in Adelaide, you can go to any Bunnings, there you can find all the tools for your move.

What should you take into account when disassembling your furniture?

1. When you start the process of disassembling your furniture, it is very important that you be organized and keep all the screws in separate bags, this way you will avoid confusing the screws on your furniture during the move.

2. Before disassembling your furniture during the move, be sure to take photos of the furniture, especially the screws, this will help you put all the pieces in the right place when assembling your furniture.

3. You must have a toolbox

4. Make sure to cover all parts of the furniture with blankets to avoid damage to your furniture.

5. Finally, make sure to assemble your furniture in the correct place, to avoid moving it. Remember that once the furniture is assembled it is much heavier.

Now, if the above seems like a complicated process or you simply do not have the time to assemble or disassemble your furniture in Adelaide, you can contact Magic Monster Removals, because we are experts in our work and we will help you:

* Move your furniture

* Assemble and disassemble your furniture

* We are experts in assembling and disassembling your dining tables, sofas, sofa beds, electric sofas, beds

* We move your televisions, we can remove your television from the wall

* We can dismantle your dryer

* Disconnect, connect and move washing machines

* Disconnect, connect and move refrigerators

* Pack and unpack your furniture and belongings

* Protect your furniture during the move

That is, we can disassemble, pack, move and assemble all the furniture in your home at no additional cost.

How do we ensure we can assemble and disassemble your furniture safely and quickly?

1. All our employers are professional movers, meaning they are trained to assemble, disassemble and move your belongings in Adelaide quickly and safely.

2. All our vehicles are equipped with tool boxes and power tools, allowing you to quickly assemble and disassemble your beds and sofas.

3. It is mandatory to keep all screws in security bags, to prevent the screws from being lost and your furniture from being assembled improperly.

Therefore, if you are looking for someone who can assemble and disassemble your furniture and belongings in Adelaide, contact Magic Monster Removals, we will help you with the best quality of work.

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