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Home moving on rainy days or during winter

When the date of our home move approaches, there are many factors that can determine that everything goes in the right way and if not, make the move in the best way.

When the date of our home move approaches, there are many factors that can determine that everything goes in the right way and if not, make the move in the best way.

Although it may not seem like it, the weather plays an important role on the day of our relocation. For example, if it is a very hot day, we should try to start the home moving early and stay well hydrated, but if it is cold or rainy on the day of our removals, these are some tips that you cannot miss:

– Clothing:

Before starting the home moving, make sure you do not pack your jackets because you will surely need them. At Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services we make sure that all workers wear the appropriate clothing, which protects the people who make the move, but also allows them to move in quickly and safely. For example, in Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services we use waterproof jackets. 

– Food: 

 Make sure you have food or drinks on hand that allow you to be energized and warm, you can eat sweets or have coffee. At Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services, our employees are aware of how exhausting it is to move houses, so they always have drinks and if the work lasts all day, we take a break (which is not charged to the client), to make sure that during the move we have energy and be able to guarantee the move in an agile and safe way. 

– Use of moving blankets:

 This is a very important aspect, for the protection of your moving furniture, the house where you are moving, and for the house where you are moving from, that is, you must put blankets on the railings. At the entrance of the house and especially blankets for each of your furniture, such as chairs, tables, sofas, refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc. This will first allow your belongings not to get dirty and above all not scratched. By putting a moving blanket at the entrance of the house or on the walls of the houses, it allows the walls not to be scratched and the floor does not get dirty or is easier to clean. If you don’t have moving blankets, don’t worry at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services we have moving blankets, moving bubble wraps, moving dollies, and moving trolleys to make sure nothing happens to the property or your belongings.

– Take advantage of daylight 

 If you consider that your home move may take several hours, because for example the house from which you are moving is very large, access to your house is complicated or it simply has many things, we recommend you schedule the home moving as early as possible, in this way you take advantage of the daylight which is when we find ourselves with more energy and this avoid nightfall and still continue with your move, at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services. We can start your home moving as early as possible as you want, but if for some reason you decide that it is best to move in the afternoon, don’t worry, we can help you. 

– Review the land where the moving truck will be parked: 

Some do not think about this point when they are moving, when it is one of the most important. For example, if you park the moving truck on the grass, it is possible that if it has been raining the moving truck gets stuck and you have to call a tow truck to remove it, at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning services, we always make sure to park the moving truck in the best possible part, to avoid accidents to the property. 

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