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How to speed up your move

Perhaps one of the most important points is how to make your move happen safely, quickly, and avoid large costs and loss of time. If you are thinking of making your move in Adelaide or Australia, Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services brings you some recommendations before making your move.

✅ 1. Make sure you hire the correct moving company: 

Many times we hire the cheapest moving company that is close to where we live, or we simply let ourselves be convinced by the person who is offering us the service. But to make sure that you are hiring the right moving company for your needs, we recommend that you first investigate on the internet how good the reputation of the company is, how much experience the moving company has, make sure that the company has the policies Insurance in case of an accident and make sure you are clear about all the costs of the move before starting the job. The above will help you so that on the day of the move everything goes in the best way and avoid surprises.

🚚 2. One of the best tips to ensure that your move is carried out in an agile way: 

It is to make sure that the truck you hired has a Walking Ramp, this is essential, because having a Walking Ramp ensures that the person who is making the move can get on to the truck with trolleys full of boxes or get on the moving truck walking, that is, the workers will not waste time loading the truck box by box, in this way they will be able to load 3 boxes at the same time with less effort. At this point, some moving companies say that the truck they send has a Hydraulic Platform or Tailgate, but using this Platform during the move, they are using more time, because they have to load all the things to the Platform, unload the objects in the Platform, and then Reload everything to the inside of the truck.

⚠️ 3. Make sure that the moving truck has a Hydraulic Platform or Tailgate: 

It seems contradictory to the previous point, but the reason for this point is that the Hydraulic Platform must be used to move heavy things inside the truck, such as upright pianos, marble table or any heavy object. If the moving truck has the Platform, it allows heavy objects to be moved safely and avoid accidents with workers.

🔧 4. The moving company must send their workers with tools: 

At this point we do not only mean that the moving company must provide a toolbox, we mean that at least the moving company must send: Trolleys, Dollies, blankets and ropes to tie our furniture inside the truck (if you have questions about this article, we recommend you read our blog about the tools you need in your move).

If the company supplies at least the previous items, it ensures that our removal will have the necessary elements so the workers can carry out the task in an agile and safe way, it also allows the removalists not to get tired so quickly and the removalists can maintain the higher work rate for more hours.

☑️ 5. Have everything ready for the home moving:

 This is another important point, because if during our relocation we have everything packed in moving boxes, all the furniture disassembled, the fridge without food, disconnected and the washing machine disconnected, it helps that the removalists only have to take our belongings to the moving truck and unload them from the removals truck, that is to say that we also play an important role in the relocation in terms of agility.

🚫 6. Pets or children should not be in the work area:

 If on the day of the move we have the possibility that someone will take care of our pets or take care of our children, it helps that the job area is clear for the people who are working in the move, it also helps to avoid accidents with our loved ones.

🅿️ 7. Make sure that the moving truck has a parking space close to the property: 

On the day of our move, a determining factor regarding time is the place where the moving truck will be parked, because if the removalists has to park the moving truck one or two blocks away, the moving time will be affected, and it also makes it easier for workers to get tired faster due to the distance.

🗣️ 8. Talk to your neighbours about your move:

 If for some reason you think that the moving truck may block the way of our neighbours, it is a good idea to tell them about the move, the neighbours may park their vehicles in places that are not affect the move and prevent us from having to move the truck during job.

As you can see, there are many factors that determine the duration of the job, so for each specific case you can contact your moving company, in this way you can choose the best way to make your move, if you are going to make your move in Adelaide, do not hesitate to contact Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services, where we will surely be able to help you with every specific need.

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