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Moving home on sunny days or during the summer

If you are planning your home moving in Adelaide and you have realized that the move will take place on a sunny, hot day or during the summer, at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services we help you with some tips so that your move in Adelaide is carried out as quickly as possible, better way, but also remember that we can help you with your move in Adelaide:

1. Daylight:

 If you are going to move in summer, this is good news, because daylight lasts longer, meaning that you will have more time during the day to move, so we suggest you start moving first thing in the morning, so that in the afternoon you can unpack your moving boxes under the comfort of air conditioning. In case this task is a bit strenuous for you, don’t worry at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services we can also help you with the packing and unpacking of your boxes and even with cleaning your house, that’s why we are a company that assists you with the move. 

2. Start early:

 During the sunny days or during the Summer the highest temperatures are registered after noon, for this reason we recommend that on the day of your move, you start with the move early in the morning, for example if you are in Adelaide The ideal is to start between 6:30 am and 7:00 am and move the most complicated or heavy furniture first thing in the morning. Remember that at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services we can start your move very early, but if you decide to move in the afternoon we do not have any problem, we can make the move in the afternoon. 

 3. Stay hydrated: 

 If you are in Adelaide or Australia, you know about the high temperatures in summer, for this reason it is very important that you stay hydrated during the home moving, that is, with plenty of water or drinks on hand. For example, we at Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services emphasize the importance that our employees always have water on hand to stay in optimal conditions when moving. 

4.  Wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen:

 If you are moving your furniture during the summer or on a very sunny day, it is important that you have fresh clothes on, that is, a good T-shirt and shorts, but also always remember to use sunscreen, keeping in mind that during the move you cannot use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun and the use of glasses or caps during the move is uncomfortable. At Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services during the furniture moving we use a t-shirt; shorts sometimes a cap and sunscreen. 

5.  Make your booking in time for the removals service:

 Remember that if you are going to make your move during the Summer, this is the busiest time for the home moving service, that is, if you decide to use a moving company, it is best to book with at least 3 weeks in advance, this will allow you to be able to solve any problem. 

We hope these points help you during your home moving or moving furniture, and we suggest that if you do not want to be moving furniture on a hot day, hire Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning in Adelaide, this will give you the peace of mind of working with professionals, who will take care of your belongings 

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