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No hidden charges in your moving!

Hidden moving expenses, discover them! Moving to a new home is, without a doubt, an exciting experience. When you become an owner you will have a new space and you will face changes in your lifestyle because you will have amenities and living areas to spend time with your family and friends.

It is important that you do not get carried away by emotion and that you plan ahead for this moment. That is, start organizing your things and above all make a budget because it implies certain expenses. Yes, as you read… changing your home is one of those eventualities that can generate unexpected expenses and affect your pocket.

If you want to be prepared for this moment, knowing these hidden expenses will help you keep your finances safe.

✅ Additional charges for disassembly:

On some occasions, the transporters may surprise you with an additional fee for placing the furniture in your new home.

The costs may vary, but it will depend on the size of your furniture, and the most expensive turn out to be those of great sizes such as sideboards, sofas, or beds that must be disassembled to transport them safely in the truck. Consider this information in your budget to avoid surprises.

💰Extra charges for petrol?

Yes! Moving companies sometimes charge their clients for petrol, depending on the number of kilometers or the distance between the two moving houses.

⚠️ Additional charges for stairs.

On occasions, moving companies charge people additional fees for stairs, depending on the number of steps the house has or the floor on which the new apartment is located, moving companies charge additional fees.

📈 Have you heard about Call out fee?
A call fee is a flat fee that some moving companies charge for attending to their client’s property. These rates can vary between 15 extra minutes of time or from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the distance between the moving company’s Base and the house where the service will be performed. This extra charge must be informed to the client at the time of accepting the service and having the addresses of the houses. Don’t forget to ask for it.

MAGIC MONSTER REMOVALS AND CLEANING SERVICES  is a company that likes to deceive or surprise its customers with hidden charges, we do not make additional charges for stairs, for the type of design of your house, or the distance between the door of your house and where we park the truck.
Do not worry when you make the quote for your move, with us you will have the description of our services and you will not have surprises at the end of your work with the payment.

Our team will explain to you that we do not have hidden charges, the price that we give you per hour will cover everything and the price that we will tell you for the call-out fee will be unique and will not change at any time during the service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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