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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our highly trained removalists are among the most competent in the business, and while we guarantee our furniture removalists will move you as quickly and safely as possible, there are some things you can do to save even more money during your house move.

Clear the hallways – Furniture removalists always start with your larger furniture, so make sure your hallways and doorways are clear, allowing the removalists to access your beds and couches.

Make sure everything is packed – box everything and stack it neatly. Don’t overfill the boxes as they require more removalists to move, or they can fall apart. This puts your items at risk of damage. Please label your cartons so we know which room to place them in your new home.

Disassemble your furniture and unplug white goods & technology – If your bed comes apart, make sure you disassemble it before our furniture removalists arrive. This also applies to flat-packed items, such as IKEA furniture, as both save you a lot of time and money. White goods and technology also need to be unplugged and prepared the day before. Read our hints and tips on how to prepare your items prior to moving day.

Ensure you only pack what your furniture removalist can transport – use our handy Do’s and Don’ts flyer for guidance.

Check out weekday rates – in some cases, it may be cheaper to move on a weekday rather than a weekend, so consider taking the day off to move to this item.

There is no hard and fast rule, as every move is different. It all depends on how prepared you are, how much you are moving, accessibility at each address, traffic, and so on. Our Magic Monster Removals and Cleaning Services furniture removalists are some of the best in the business and guarantee to move you as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

At the time of booking, our Move Consultants can provide you with an accurate idea of how many trucks and men you require based on the information you provide.

If your belongings cannot fit in the first truck, based on availability, our team may be able to return for a second trip. If they cannot, it is advisable to ask the furniture removalists to leave goods you can move yourself.

There are pros and cons to moving during weekdays or weekends.

House removals on weekends can be expensive due to high demand. However, it can be beneficial as you will have more time to pack your goods.

While weekdays might not work well for everyone due to office and other commitments.

It is best to relocate your house during the weekdays since it will cost you less, and you will not have to move in a rush.